Well, hello.

Well, hello.

Rookie Mom

I see you’re searching for something to do with your kids this weekend.
For an outing.
Maybe for your sanity. 

You’ve come to the right place.

Over a decade ago, this blog was where I shared the messy, beautiful journey of losing myself in motherhood.

This was us when I wrote this blog:

Cos having small kids is easy.

And this is us now.

Screenshot 2022-07-14 at 12.21.10
It really does get easier.

Dear mother to minions. I know you’re tired. I know you feel like you’ve lost yourself somewhere in the beauty and mayhem of motherhood. I did, too. And so while you won’t find my old blog post of 10 Things To Do with Kids In Durban here anymore, you may have found something more helpful.

I wrote a book for you.

Maybe you feel stuck in life.
Maybe you feel like you’ve lost yourself.
You don’t have to stay there.
Because you were made to live soaring, flourishing, free.


In this hilarious and poignant book, Empty Cages: Keys to Finding Freedom, Jess Basson discovers why she went from being a spirited, quirky, confident little girl to a thirty-something mom struggling with depression and limited self-belief.

With honesty and humour, Jess lifts the lid on how undiagnosed ADHD and early motherhood impacted her mental health.

Join her as she unlocks empathy for anyone who has lost themselves along the way, and drops keys that help you find steps to being soaring, flourishing and free.

“Jess is so real, raw, candid and funny as she shares her story of self-awareness, courage and deep joy. Empty Cages tackles the stigma, anxiety and shame around mental health, motherhood and the relationship with self.” 
– Jane Linley-Thomas, Radio Presenter

“Jess is brilliant, original and astonishingly funny. Finding solutions is so much easier when you know how to describe the actual problem. In this book, Jess captures each challenge she’s encountered with such honesty and humour that you won’t help but journey with her on every page as she shares insightful keys to help you discover freedom.”
– Nande Boss, Business Leader

“This book is fun, authentic, helpful and wise. Jess invites you to follow her into freedom by candidly introducing you to your captor. Spoiler alert: it’s you!
– Jaci Mun-Gavin, Author, Pastor & Speaker


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