“I have spent the last 21 years in and out of various therapies to assist with healing from my childhood trauma that has held me back from finding my true self. Then Jess came into my life and everything has changed for me! With her simple tools, loving guidance, gentleness and amazing skills, I am finally brave enough to stand firm in knowing who I am and how to make the most of the rest of my life! Jess, thank you for being a pivotal part of guiding me back to myself.” – CD

“Jess is so talented at helping you find language to uncover truth and freedom, that has been so crucial for my growth as a woman and a coach. She has such an authentic, relatable and kind way of coaching that makes you feel she is really in your corner. Thank you for the privilege of learning from you!” – SC


“It has been exciting to collaborate with Jess on a number of sensitive projects that require a combination of courage and compassion to challenge our clients to transcend themselves. It is particularly refreshing to work with Jess, who brings her pastoral skills to the table, but remains guided by the values of love, inclusivity and social justice.”
Dr Kerry Frizelle – Counselling Psychologist and Academic at University of KwaZulu-Natal

“I worked with Jess for several years and found her to be a profound facilitator and a positive influence on our team. Here’s why: Firstly, she is discerning which means she moves any process or meeting beyond the tick box into the transformational. Secondly, she genuinely has a passion for people and their transformation. For Jess, the experience of working with others and working with us is engaging and fulfilling. We can feel that and it makes all the difference. Lastly, she is fun and funny, too. Jess has the ability to move between deep and light, heavy and colourful ensuring that all of our time together was memorable, laughable. I knew anyone that sat in a workshop with her under our banner would leave having had a really meaningful experience.”
Travis Gale – Organisational Culture Strategist, Appletree Group


“Jess is wise beyond her years, gentle and strong, fun-loving and serious about matters that are close to her heart! She’s an engaging and charismatic speaker who can captivate and inspire her audience. We’ve always loved having her as a facilitator at our annual Global Leadership Summit events. She’s as motivated as we are about leadership and community transformation and it shows in her presentations.”
Janine Couchman, Director – The Global Leadership Network South Africa

“Jess is a thoughtful and evocative story teller who is able to create powerful emotional connections to learning moments.“
Liesel Scott – Co-Founder Open Circles, Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator


“I highly recommend Jess’ Empty Cages Retreat. I was nervous at first, knowing that I was going to spend the weekend with people I didn’t know, but Jess made everyone feel comfortable and at ease from the very beginning. The retreat was exactly what I needed – a chance to disconnect from the world, reflect on what’s important to me, and connect with other like-minded women. I left feeling refreshed, motivated, and ready to take on whatever comes my way.” – JD

“The Empty Cages Retreat was a true and raw, yet gentle journey of self discovery which is truly life changing surrounded by your new found army of warriors. Honestly, it was life changing and has saved my marriage as well. I will be back for sure!” – TH

Empty Cages

“Jess is so real, raw, candid, and funny as she shares her story of self-awareness, courage, and deep joy that I could in so many parts relate to. Empty Cages tackles the stigma, anxiety and shame around mental health, motherhood, and the relationship with self. Jess’ voice is a gift to our collective sisterhood, being vulnerable and sharing our stories is such a powerful way of connecting us as we rise together.”
– Jane Linley-Thomas, Radio Presenter

“Empty Cages had me captivated. Throughout each chapter I had moments of smiling, tearing up, and all too often wondering if Jess was either reading my mind or speaking directly to me. This book is a beautiful guide to freedom, and one I believe every woman should read to help get her wings back.”
– Shan Fourie, Digital Creator & Mrs South Africa Finalist 2022

“As a writer and someone who truly appreciates the power of the written word, this book is a treasure to behold. Jess uses her vulnerability, personal experience, and humour to educate, enlighten and equip us all for a world where ADHD exists and is grossly misunderstood. I have so enjoyed watching Empty Cages come to life and I know that it will set so many free to be their true and authentic selves.”
– Tes Jahnig, Pastor, Writer, and Speaker

“The journey to freedom from our own negative self-beliefs can be a hard one, but Jess has used her wit and candour to provide us with an experienced companion that will hold our hand, laugh with us and cry with us along the way.”
– Terence Mentor, Parenting Activist, Speaker, and Blogger

“Empty Cages is life-giving. It speaks to the vulnerable self that is often tucked so deeply inside of us that we forget the life it holds. Jess, through her amusing vulnerability, has written a gem of a book that will not only unlock many of our cages but guide us in stepping out of them into freedom, too.”
– Caitlyn de Beer, Author and Speaker

“I laughed, I cried, but most of all, I related. An honest, light-hearted account of a woman finding the keys to her cages, with the hopes that you do too. As easy a read as a coffee date with a dear friend, I could hear Jess’s energy in every word of Empty Cages.”
– Shaaista Kathree, Digital Creator

“This book is fun, authentic, helpful and wise. Jess invites you to follow her into freedom by candidly introducing you to your captor. Spoiler alert: it’s you!”
– Jaci Mun-Gavin, Pastor and Author

“Jess is brilliant, original, and astonishingly funny. Finding solutions is so much easier when you know how to describe the actual problem. In this book, and all her work, Jess captures each challenge she’s encountered with such honesty and humour that you won’t help but journey with her on every page as she shares insightful keys to help you discover freedom.”
– Nande Boss, Business Leader

“Empty Cages is a brave, relatable and relevant memoir. As a mom of three, I found myself in her pages and I just know that her story-driven life learnings will resonate with readers. Get ready to be nudged out of your cage with hands-on strategies and a healthy dose of humour!”
– Julie Kynaston, Blogger and Digital Creator