You Can Make His Dream Come True. Not Really.

You Can Make His Dream Come True. Not Really.


Last night, Tom and I put on our hipster-ish clothing and went to Florida Road for date night. It was very cold, and there weren’t that many hipsters out. It was a little disappointing, so I’m glad I saved my denim shirt for later in the weekend. Anyway, this is a conversation that we had after Tom announced his financial strategy for a surf trip to the Mentawis (in his dreams).

Tom: So basically, I’ve thought a lot about it. You need to sell your soul and go make lots of money in the corporate world, and I’ll be the noble pastor.
Jess: Oh really. Well, actually, I was thinking of blogging.
Tom: HA. You mean, “pooring”.
Jess: Or maybe writing a book.
Tom: And join a band?

What Tom doesn’t realise, is that this blog has a lot of income-earning potential. There are about 150 people who read my blog on average. You are obviously one of them. THANK YOU. I figure that it if each of you give me R1000 (± US $100 for all my international readers) every time I write a post, I’ll make, like, A LOT of money every day, and then soon I’ll be a blogillionaire. And Tom can surf in the Mentawis four times a year.

SO. Easy.
(I’m also available for financial consulting.)

He's so cute.
As you can see, I’m very generous.

On a serious note, thanks for reading my blog, and sharing it, and liking it on Facebook. It doesn’t make money, but it does make me happy. And I love it when you reply and share your thoughts. If you want to get my blog as an email – in other words, sent to your inbox automatically when I write a new post – you can sign up in the top right hand corner of this page.

Have a great weekend people!

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